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Aloe Vera foaming face wash

R 140

Aloe Vera foaming face wash gently cleanses the skin without drying, while moisturizing and soothing on the skin. Promotes new skin cell generation. Suitable for all skin types. 200ml

Direction for use:

Shake before use. Wet face use desired amount, lather and rinse well. Avoid contact with the eyes. 


Aqua, Glycerin, Allantion, Aloe barbadensis miller (Aloe Vera), Hamamelis, Decyl glucoside, Dehyton Ke, Gum, Preservative, Wheat protein, Pelargonium graveolens oil, Lavandula oil

Ingredients benefits:

Aloe barbadensis miller (Aloe Vera) - 

Aloe vera contains vitamins A,C and E which are antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.Vitamins are essential for skin health. It is a anti-inflammatory, assist in healing the skin, known to help treat acne, soothes irritated skin and helps keep moisture locked in. 

Hydrolyzed wheat protein -

In skincare wheat protein effectively minimize pores, plumps up the skin, balance moisture and provide the porcelain look in our facial cleanser. 


Is found in  several plants, such  as Comfrey, sugar beet and chamomile. It is used to treat and prevent dry skin. Softens and moisturizes skin, and also have the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate growth of new tissue.



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